Steel Draft utilizes both two and three dimension technologies to create their finished product.
Autocad is used to produce the two dimension drawings. It has been used and refined by Steel Draft over the last fifteen years. This technology produces a product with superior presentation, which makes it ideal for use by all steel fabricators who need a high degree of clarity. Steel Draft has an excellent staff of knowledgeable detailers, checkers and project managers who work in this discipline with a high degree of skill.

Steel Draft currently uses Tekla Structures to create three dimensional drawings. This technology builds files (NC1) that can interact with clients that utilize CNC technology to produce their steel products. Also, Steel Draft has a specialized group of modeling detailers who work within the B.I.M discipline with accuracy and speed.

Steel Draft believes as technology changes or is created, it is imperative that a careful review be made to insure that the technology will produce the product that our clients expect.

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