Steel Draft is a domestic Steel Detailer that specializes in all types of steel construction detailing, with a
specialty in Structural and Miscellaneous Steel. It has been in business for over twenty years and over half
the staff, of its sixteen Detailers, Checkers and Project Managers have been with the company for 10 or
more years.

The Company has always placed a high value on maintaining long term relationships with clients since each
client has their own unique system of how they want things done. The more you work with a client the better
you get at working within their system which means you become an integral part of their team. Steel Draft
values the “Team” concept… which produces a superior product, at the lowest cost in the fastest time.



Steel Draft Company • 30 W Main Street, Suite D • Woodland,California 95695-3556 • Phone: 530-661-3476