Steel Draft has worked with just about every type of steel construction and every size of steel fabricator, large and small, experienced and or just starting out. Our experience has taught us that no matter how big or complicated a project is, one thing is always the same, it’s got to be done when it’s scheduled and it has to fit when it’s in the field. If you can do that your customer will be back and new customers will follow. Another thing, Steel Draft recognizes that no one knows a Fabricator’s unique method of construction better than the Fabricator itself. So we won’t tell you how you should build it, but rather, we will listen to you, read your specifications and then produce a product that truly is your product. It goes without saying that if we have seen the way a different Fabricator has successfully dealt with a similar problem, we will share the experience and maybe offer a different point of view for your consideration. We believe that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

We recognize that we are one very important part of the bigger team, if we provide: superior presentation, sound construction logic, proven mathematics and quadruple verified accuracy the rest of the team will be able to do what they are best at too.
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